Enjoy the real deal of a healthy meal!

Three wholesome ingredients in AFYAA Arafit to let you enjoy the meaning of health


  • Preloaded with multi-proteins comprising isolated soy protein, pea protein, brown rice protein and oat protein that are remarkably formulated to complete your protein intake
  • Possess a higher thermic effect of food (TEF), being the energy required to digest each macronutrient
  • Aid in healthy weight management

Fibregum™ Acacia Gum

  • A patented ingredient by Nexira, France being the global leader in acacia gum
  • Contain over 90% soluble dietary fibre (arabinose, rhamnose, galactose) which is also known as prebiotics
  • Prolong satiety, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, for gut comfort

Green Coffee Bean Extract

  • Purely unroasted and derived from the premium Coffee arabica variety
  • Help to suppress appetite, and block carbohydrates which will then help to lose weight
  • Higher amount of chlorogenic acid (CGA) to exert various health benefits


AFYAA Arafit has been certified free from porcine DNA, heavy metals, microbes, gluten, lactose and 365 drugs including laxative drugs and weight loss drugs