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AFYAA Sahiyya contains three high-powered ingredients to optimise your health
Aged Black Garlic Extract
  • A highly branded ingredient from Spain
  • One of the superfoods mentioned in Al-Quran scripture
  • Contains S-Allyl Cysteine (SAC) which presents only in aged black garlic that is highly stable and bioavailable
Sweet Orange Peel Extract
  • A special patented ingredient from the Netherlands
  • Contains natural rutinoside extract from sweet orange peel
  • High concentration, standardised to 90% hesperidin (60% S-isomer)
Pine Tree Phytosterols
  • A premium branded ingredient from Spain
  • Scientifically recognised to have cholesterol lowering properties
  • Standardised to 90% phytosterol content for optimum results


AFYAA Sahiyya has been certified free from porcine DNA, heavy metal, microbes,
and 365 drugs including antihyperlipidemic and antihypertensive drugs