“Halal goes beyond than just what we consume on a daily basis, it is a way of life that we must appreciate as a Muslim.”

- Professor Dr. Abdul Malik Musharat 

Dato’ Professor Dr. Abdul Malik Musharat

Modern days grant us the access to a plethora of things at our most convenience. We can now enter a store and browse through our favourite books and pay via a cashless transaction. In fact, the existence of online shopping platforms makes things a lot easier by adding to cart and later proceeding with the payment. All of this can be done in a single click of a finger.

Despite how modern technology has evolved, we humans can never run away from uncertainties. True, we can hardly cast away doubts. Food too, has undergone such a process where we are now able to grab whatever that is easily accessible within our reach. But the glaring question is, can we consume it? Or to know the least, is it halal-certified?

This is why I exist, to drive the market in believing that AFYAA is halal-certified, backed up by strict processes and procedures to ensure its safety and hygiene not only by law, but also faith.

The most important aspect in halal concept is to ensure no ambiguity arises in the process from farm to the table. From raw materials to the finished products. Hence, it is my responsibility to ensure AFYAA’s end products pass with transparency that they do not contain any impermissible and harmful ingredients deemed prohibited by Islamic faith, nor compromise the process of finishing the product.

I believe with AFYAA, we can all achieve balance in so many aspects especially in terms of lifestyle and health for self-benefits in the future. With a healthy lifestyle and AFYAA, we are delighted to provide you with a symbiotic life ahead.