Purge the bad out, feel the good in!

AFYAA Aratox formulated with dual ingredients to keep you fit every day!

Kombucha Powder

  • Manufactured by MCB Biotechnology Nutritionals, Taiwan
  • A high-quality ingredient using patented microencapsulated technology under strict temperature and pressure control to safeguard its nutrition value
  • Manually hand-picked from the high altitude of Alishan mountain in Taiwan

(Resistant Maltodextrin)

  • A patented ingredient from the United States of America (USA)
  • Manufactured by a proprietary method of controlled enzymatic hydrolysis, involving the rearrangement of cornstarch molecule linkages


AFYAA Aratox has been certified free from porcine DNA, heavy metals, microbes, and 365 drugs including laxatives and weight loss drugs.