Rezeki Raya AFYAA

AFYAA Sdn Bhd collaborated with one of the largest non-government organisations in the country, Islamic Relief Malaysia in an effort to help beneficiaries through a project namely Rezeki Raya AFYAA, involving 50 children whose families are those in vulnerable groups in Klang Valley.

The programme which took place at AEON Taman Maluri Cheras, Kuala Lumpur saw all the children spend their time together to have their Raya garments as Eid Fitr approached including Baju Melayu, Baju Kurung, Songkok, Scarves and many others to celebrate the big festivity especially for all Muslims.

In collaboration with Islamic Relief Malaysia, AFYAA also envisions to engage in more humanitarian activities actively in the future as part of the proactive move in helping the vulnerables from different groups.

AFYAA x Pantai Premier Pathology

AFYAA Sdn Bhd will be the first functional food company to obtain official data that proves the functions and effectiveness of its primary product which is AFYAA Hayyiba through laboratory testing. The project will be conducted together with Pantai Premier Pathology Sdn Bhd.

The partnership was made possible through Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as a symbol to kick off the initiative. The event saw a mutual interest shown by both health entities in the industry that is to gather information and findings of the research backed up fully by scientific procedures and methods.

Apart from obtaining the information and scientific data for AFYAA Hayyiba, among the provisions that will come into availability for the benefits of the public is that patients are given a special price which is cost-affordable to do their medical checkup. Additionally, Pantai Premier Pathology is an official Medical Laboratory Partner to AFYAA by which any medical service will be referred to them.

In fact, through this unified agreement, all findings will be of high value in a way that they could be documented in the form of reports hence allowing end users to understand the entire context. Concurrently, the information can be disseminated for public reading pleasure through a number of media platforms such as local newspapers, social media, magazines and many more.

Transformasi e-Usahawan 5S

AFYAA and SVO worked closely together in bringing the brand to its next stage. The event was meant to create a community of business opportunities for those who genuinely want to challenge themselves in the world of digital marketing as a techpreneur. As the world evolves each day, AFYAA will dynamically adapt to changes as part of the effort to improve branding image.

The event was designed for potential techpreneurs to understand AFYAA more in-depth through business presentations shared by digital marketing gurus and professionals of SVO. In fact, they also had the chance to meet and greet the founder of AFYAA, Dato’ Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar during the event.

Prominent Halal Brand Award

AFYAA Sdn Bhd was extremely thrilled to be accorded with one of the prestigious awards in the country, Prominent Halal Award by the Asia Halal Brand Awards (AHBA). As a recognised functional food brand, AFYAA’s main pillar consists of three elements namely Halal, Hygiene, and Health to develop a routine that is good for our health.

Not only that, AFYAA is highly committed to give only the best to all consumers because their health matters most and this recognition by AHBA proves that the effort remains genuine for the benefits of consumers.

AFYAA on flood mission

In December 2021, continuous rainfall caused many locations in several states to be inundated as the water level rose. AFYAA Sdn Bhd was heavily disconsolate by the unexpected tragedy and took speedy initiative to help the victims on ground.

Being a functional food company that cares for the well-being of the local community and as part of the humanitarian effort, AFYAA collaborated with Islamic Relief Malaysia and The Hope Branch to relieve their burden in Hulu Langat and Sungai Buloh respectively.