“There’s never a bad time to start anything. For a premium brand like AFYAA to kick start, I couldn’t think of any other perfect time than now. Because only now, people will begin to understand the importance of living healthily and hygienically.”

- Dato' Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie 


Dato' Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie

All human beings began their life with the most beautiful gift no one else can ever give, time and health. I was busy chasing my dreams to become a doctor and an astronaut before I settled down and was blessed with beautiful kids until I forgot time was running out, and health would deteriorate as time passed.

All praise is due to Allah the Almighty, I still have the time and health and I want to make full use of it for the benefits of society. I want people to have better health so that they can create their own precious moments with their loved ones, just like I do.

We do not have any control over time, but we can surely control our health. This is why AFYAA was born, dedicated to give back to all walks of life the benefits of a healthy and quality lifestyle through halal certified, premium functional food products. I am positive with the presence of AFYAA, we are capable of providing you with full control over your health and zero room of regrets, so you can share meaningful life moments with the loved ones.